Thermal Interface Materials

An extensive range of thermal interface materials.
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5G & Automotive

Molding compounds, LED encapsulents and underfills, including 2.5D and 3D photodefinable material.
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The latest high-quality and high-performance KrF photoresists, ArF photoresists, F2 photoresists, spin-on hardmasks, and other lithography materials.
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Photomasks & Pellicles

Synthetic photomask quartz substrates used for integrated circuits, and attenuated phase-shift masks for use in Arf and Krf photoresists.
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High-purity, high-precision and high-performance PBN ceramic material products for the ever expanding high-tech industry.
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Vinyl Resins

Functional vinyl resins consisting of various base chemicals, including vinyl chloride copolymer, vinyl acetate, and acrylic acid ester.
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Quartz Wafers & Substrates

Our VIOSIL Synthetic Quartz products have many advantages and are used for photomask blank substrates, micro lens substrates, Nano imprint and DNA templates.
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Optical Isolators

Optical isolators are devices that allow the transmission of laser beams emitted from a laser diode to travel in only one direction.
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Sensor Materials

Our silicone based materials were developed for MEMS mounted sensors, smaller package devices and high performance integrated devices.
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Other products by Shin-Etsu MicoSi.
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