2014 Breaking Stories from Coatings World

Coatings World, a clear leader in the global coatings industry when it comes to news and event coverage, released their list of most popular news stories for 2014. Naturally a lot of the news revolved around the purchases or acquisitions that occurred. But equally important and newsworthy where the industry improvements and innovations which changed the industry, moving goalposts and pushing companies to be more creative and industrious.


In June of 2014, PPG acquired Comex, a Mexican industrial coatings and architectural firm valued at $2.3 billion. Both sides called the agreement a strategic and competitive alliance which would allow for a more globalized role and improved earnings for PPG.

Then in September, news of AkzoNobel’s seeming interest in Axalta at $7 billion garnered incredible attention. They initially indicated that they were not as interested as it seems, and history tells the rest of that tale.

And finally, Wacker put in place a new CEO, CFO, and HR Director, shuffling things up a bit and indicating that their direction is being adjusted.


The big news from major innovators in the industry were indeed exciting. Hybrid Coating developed and unveiled their latest UV curing polyurethane formulation which allows for a non-isocyanate UV curing system. Also in curing news, Valspar showed off their new Valspar Valde Extreme Flex Cure Coating Technology.

For high corrosion protection, AkzoNobel’s newest Interpon Align Power Coatings gave new meaning to corrosion protection. And AkzoNobel also launched a new architectural warranty of put to 30 years for their powder coatings. Finally AkzoNobel, whose year was very big indeed, launched their “singing” paint, an ultrasonic coating which will transform any wall into a part of your surround sound speaker system. LiquidSoundz is probably the most dramatic innovation of 2014.

And both Minwax and LiquiGlide, Inc announced their own improvements to current products. LiquiGlide has created a permanently wet coating which keeps paints from sticking to manufacturing equipment as well as cans, dramatically changing the potential waste problems of the paint industry. It’s not surprise this is big news, as the waste and contamination aspect of the paint and coatings industry has been a burden with no relief in sight. 2014 proved to be the year when relief is in fact possible. And Minwax unveiled their Ultimate Floor Finish for wood flooring. Low in odor, quick to dry, and incredibly durable, their new finish has changed the way we think of wood sealants.

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