2017 Big Technology trends to look out for

New technology is always right around the corner. Every year builds on the previous year, with most emerging technologies designed to make the lives of consumers easier. Here’s what’s trending in 2017:

Smart Home Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

Google and Amazon made waves over the last several years with in-home, Wi-Fi enabled assistants capable of performing basic tasks based on voice commands. Initial commands revolved around connecting to smartphone devices, playing music and answering questions through an Internet connection. Now however, manufacturers are building appliances with smart home technology. This allows everything from toaster ovens to vacuum cleaners to connect through a single, voice-controlled device.

VR and AR

Short for virtual reality and augmented reality, technology has finally caught up to the point where home users can enjoy both VR and AR. The Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and other devices make it easier than ever before to bring virtual reality into the house. Augmented reality took a big step forward with the release of Pokemon Go last year, which allowed users to hold their phones up to real-world locations and see animated creatures interact with the surroundings.

More On-Demand Services

Companies are looking to provide goods and services faster than ever before. Consumers can access instant rides through rides share applications. Google and Amazon provide in-home digital assistants that place orders with a single voice request. With more and more companies turning to on-demand services, consumers will be able to access just about everything from their homes via a simple app or voice request.

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