Samsung Forecast to Outperform Intel in 2017

Since 1993, Intel has been the world’s top semiconductor supplier. In the last twenty plus years, many other companies have tried to take the top spot from Intel, but none have succeeded until now. Presenting: Samsung vs Intel.

A New Leader

Samsung has long been a worthy adversary for Intel, but the Korea-based company has always found itself playing catch-up in the past. In the second quarter of 2017, however, experts predict that the memory market prices will hold (or even increase) on last year’s market gains so that this year will end with Samsung moving to the top spot as a semiconductor supplier.

This achievement, if and when it becomes a reality, will be a significant milestone for Samsung. It will also signal a new age of competition for all of Intel’s rivals by proving that the company’s dominance of the market is not set in stone.

What Samsung Did Right

Intel is definitely waking up to the fact that Samsung is close on its heels, and no doubt paying close attention to how it got there. The gains made through DRAM and NAND flash pricing in the year 2016 set Samsung up for a profitable first quarter of 2017. Now that same growth rate is holding steady for Samsung into the next quarter of 2017, leading to it stealing a lead over Intel.

Intel’s Not Giving Up without a Fight

Of course, Intel didn’t stay at the top of the market for more than two decades without knowing how to deliver the goods. In 1993, the company introduced the x486 processor and the Pentium processor, which played a huge part in bringing personal computers into people’s homes. It will be interesting to see what new strategies Intel adopts in the coming months to hold onto their number one position.

For a breakdown of the numbers and forecasts, refer to these insights from Solid State Technology.

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