3D Printing For PCBs The Undiscovered Country or a Pipedream

3D printing has been an ingenious technological creation for at home hobbyists and professionals seeking to create a variety of custom made creations. This technology has seen the development of imaginative designs. Since the birth of this industry, 3D printing has become more advanced and used in the fields of engineering, aerospace and industrial design among others. While these advancements have revolutionized some fields, the printing ability to create high tech and specialized electronic equipment had been outside of the realm of possibility until now.

Moving this technology into the creation of hardware and software for electronic devices has led to an evolution in 3D printing. This new technology now has the ability to 3D print professional computerized designs with printed circuit boards. The new printers can create complex and intricate computer boards with high resolution and high conductivity. The designs allows multi-layer circuitry on the printed circuit boards. This development can change how small and large businesses conduct research and design.

Creating PCB’s with 3D printing has several benefits.

  • Prototypes do not take weeks or longer to create just to find flaws
  • Rapid creation of design can occur increasing production speeds
  • External development of prototypes need not occur
  • Increase the number of iterations of a design in a short time period
  • Costs can be cut significantly in the creation of prototypes

3D printing has changed since its original development with hobbyists and has moved into the creation of advanced electronic components. This technology continues to make advancements and has practical uses and benefits for all levels of business. The Wohlers report from 2016 explains that the 3D printing industry passed $5.1 billion last year. This is a technology that will continue to grow exponentially.

New technology requires accessing the best supplies one can obtain in order to create the most effective PCBs. Shin-Etsu MicroSi can provide the highest quality materials and solutions for utilizing the new 3D printing technology. Contact us to learn more about the available resources.