Apple Considers Wearables Expansion with Digital Glasses

For Apple to continue as a tech giant, it needs to continually look for new avenues to develop technology. As the tablet market has started to slow down and the smart watch industry remains in its infancy without stellar selling numbers, Apple needs other ways to generate revenue, increase sales and keep shareholders happy. One potential way to do this is by expanding into the realm of digital glasses.

The Short and Not So Successful History of Digital Glasses

Wearable technology is still relatively new, yet the renditions into this area of wearable technology has not proven successful. Google may have created the most known device, the Google Glass. Google Glass offered users an augmented reality experience, in which a small piece of glass, placed closely in front of the eye, would provide information seemingly over the wearer’s vision. This could include everything from the name of a contact trying to call them to the weather report or even restaurant reviews as the person walked past an establishment. Ultimately though, Google never made it too far out of the developmental phase. It released a small number to the general public more or less as a test, but after the first version of the Google Glass the company determined it simply did not provide the desirable benefit the company wanted and more or less shelved the idea. Now Apple is looking to consider moving in this direction.

The Move to Digital Glasses

Realistically, the Apple digital glasses would connect to your iPhone in a very similar manor as the Apple Watch. Via a wireless Bluetooth signal between the two devices, the glasses would not be a standalone object but more a supplemental object to go along with the iPhone. It essentially would enhance a user’s experience while providing added benefits, such as the augmented reality aspect. With the large number of application developers pumping out content to run on the iPhone and iPad, it wouldn’t be difficult to see how this could help Apple where Google failed (at the time, the Google Play store had nowhere near the kind of developer numbers it does now).

More Than a Pipe Dream

Apple has reportedly talked with potential suppliers about a glasses project. However, it appears as it would not get underway until 2018 at the earliest. So, for now, users will need to simply wait to see what Apple does.