Apple shows ambition to get into self driving car race

Apple Inc. has declared that it is highly excited about the enormous potential for the automated transportation sector. Further, it has gone ahead to call on the US regulators to avoid the restrictions of testing such machines.

The letter by Kenner

The company, through a five-page letter from Steve Kenner to the national highway traffic safety administration, has produced a comprehensive statement regarding its interest in self-driving vehicle technology which recently came up. The letter came after some time of speculations about Apple plunging into and expanding into the transportation sector.

In his letter, Kenner stated how much the company was investing in the technology as well as the study of machine learning and automation. He goes ahead to mention its excitement about automatic systems in a variety of areas including transportation. There are currently many restrictions imposed on these cars, and Apple is urging regulators to reduce them saying that both the established manufacturers and the new entrant need a fair ground.

Areas to pay attention

Apple advised that there are certain areas which require keen attention since it is software that would decide on what actions to be taken in a potentially dangerous situation. These comprise the consequences of algorithmic decisions for the mobility, safety, and legality of automated cars together with their occupants, safeguarding privacy and security in design as well as the impact of the machines on employment.

Applications of this technology

Kenner said there is a myriad of potential application for the technologies including the future of transportation and that’s the reason Apple wants to join in.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has suggested that Apple would want to move to vehicle infotainment systems a step from just integrating the Apple smartphones into cars.

Companies contemplating joining the industry

Apple, though, has not confirmed going ahead with plans to build this machines. Several other companies are thinking of venturing into the self-driving cars industry. They include Ford Motor Co. (F.N), Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA. O), General Motors Co. (GM.N), Google, and Volkswagen AG (VOWG_pDE)

Apple and McLaren recently had talks about investing in the British automaker, but McLaren is quiet about the speculations.

An auto trade grouped encouraged the incumbent Trump administration to perform a comprehensive regulatory review of all regulations starting from September 1st. This would include the guidance on self-driving vehicles by the Obama administration.


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