Apple’s Supply Chain preps for iPhone 7 Production

Apple is suspected to have begun preparing for the iPhone 7 production as the company was recently increasing their hiring for new employees. They appear to be ramping up the number of employees in order to boost production as hiring has been increasing in their Chinese factories. Experts explain that this is a full month ahead of previous iPhone production cycles.

In a new development in their production, Apple has increased their supply chain through dividing production into several different companies. This was seen to have been done in order to lower risk and assure that a sufficient number of Iphones would be created. It is expected that Apple will create 72-78 million units in order to meet current demand, this number is larger than any previous Iphone production.

September 2016 will likely be the release month for the iPhone 7 and some report that this will be a defining cycle. Due to lackluster critics of the iPhone 6 and 6S, the iPhone 7 needs to take the market by storm in order to impact the declining sales figures from this past year. New colors and other design features will be part of the three new IPhones being released.

Rumors continue regarding what new design features are likely to be part of the new phone. Some report that the camera features will have changed with a dual lens system and will no longer have the camera bump seen in the previous design. The iPhone is also likely to be thinner than its predecessors. Although comments on its weight have not been made, the size of the device may change. Battery life, higher screen resolution, the removal of the headphone jack and maybe even wireless charging are all rumors to be part of the new iPhone.

Despite the decreased sales and concerns about what the new iPhone 7 is likely to be like, it continues to be one of the hottest phone products on the market. Apple produces products that people want and there will always be those who seek out the newest technological advancements. Apple remains ahead of the game in its design and development of superior products.

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