Shin-Etsu MicroSi & Nissin Chemical Introduce two new products

Shin-Etsu MicroSi and Nissin Chemical Introduce New Products to Make Surfaces “Slippery” and Defoam & Wet Simultaneously

Hybrid resins with “sliding” properties and a defoaming wetting agent now available; used for paints, coatings, inks and adhesives

Phoenix, AZ, May 9, 2014 – Nissin Chemical of Japan and Shin-Etsu MicroSi of Phoenix have introduced two new groups of products targeted for the manufacturing of paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and films.

The Chaline series is a hybrid emulsion that offers the surface activity of a silicone resin and the film-forming ability of acrylic resin. Its unique silicone-rich, silicone/acrylic composition:

  • Makes surfaces like leather automobile seats “slippery” with long-lasting sliding properties
  • Improves wear resistance and prevents surface scratches
  • Provides noise reduction, reducing vibrations and squeaks.

The Chaline product line has applications in vehicle upholstery, auto parts, electric wires and hoses and flooring and flooring wax.

The Olfine series is a surfactant that solves problems of wetting and defoaming simultaneously.

  • Designed for waterborne systems as a “defoaming wetting agent”
  • Also used as a dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments
  • Available in acetylenic glycol or acetylene alcohol versions.

The Olfine products have applications in paints, inks, printing machines, metal surface treatment, pigments and dyes and adhesives.

Last month the companies announced a series of water-based emulsions and a series of solvent-based copolymer resins aimed at similar markets and applications. Earlier this year it was announced that Nissin Chemical would manufacture the products in Japan and Shin-Etsu MicroSi will fulfill sales, distribution and applications support in the U.S. Both Nissin Chemical and Shin-Etsu MicroSi are wholly owned subsidiaries of Shin-Etsu Chemical, the world’s largest supplier of semiconductor materials and silicones, PVC resins, synthetic quartz glass and methylcellulose.

About Shin-Etsu MicroSi
Shin-Etsu MicroSi Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. With headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, Shin-Etsu MicroSi provides high  performance products and materials, specifically designed to address today’s photolithography, packaging, LED, and coatings requirements through its research, development and manufacturing. Founded as a General Electric subsidiary in 1984, Shin-Etsu MicroSi became part of the Shin-Etsu group in 1989.