Cellphones Claim Position as Largest Systems Market

In 2013, the production value of electronic systems around the world was valued at approximately $1.41 trillion. From 2014 to 2017, this value is expected to increase at an annually compounded rate of 5 percent, eventually reaching a value of $1.74 trillion. This increase is due in large part to the popularity of cellphones.

Traditionally, personal computers made up the largest electronic systems market, but this has now changed. In the year 2013, cellphones took over as the most represented product in the following two categories:

  • Electronic Systems Market.
    Cellphones now make up the largest electronic systems market. In 2013, these mobile devices accounted for 18 percent of total electronic systems sales while personal computers accounted for only 15 percent of the total. This trend is expected to continue through 2017, with the prediction that cellphones will have a compounded annual growth rate of 6.3 percent. During the next few years, the value of PCs will continue to decline at an annual rate of -.07 percent because of factors such as increased use of tablets, and increased use of smartphones for surfing the web.
  • End-Use Application for ICs. In addition to the electronic systems market, cellphones have also taken the title away from personal computers as the largest end-use application for ICs. Cellphones made up approximately 24 percent of total IC sales worldwide this year while PCs made up around 22 percent. This is quite a big deal as PCs have held the title for most IC sales over the past twenty or so years. The future sees this trend continuing with the prediction that IC sales for PCs will remain stagnant while IC sales for cellphones will increase at a compounded annual rate of 12.9 percent through the year 2017.

Due to the cellphone takeover of the above categories, electronics companies and other businesses within the semiconductor industry must make sure that they have the semiconductor devices and other products necessary to meet the demand of consumers.

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