Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. LTD

MicroSi’s parent company, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in Tokyo in 1926. Through an ongoing commitment to diversification in product materials development, Shin-Etsu has grown to a group of more than 103 companies worldwide with business divisions extending far beyond conventional chemicals.

A leader in high-tech materials, Shin-Etsu is the world’s largest supplier of semiconductor silicon and chemicals to the semiconductor industry, synthetic quartz glass and PVC; Japan’s top producer of silicone and methylcellulose; and a major factor in materials ranging from photoresists to photomask blanks to oxide single crystals to rare earths.

Shin-Etsu’s growth has been driven by three goals: responsiveness to local markets and needs, efficient supply of raw materials and development of suitable manufacturing sites. Whether judged by consolidated business results or by individual achievements, the companies of the Shin-Etsu Group represent an outstanding multinational network of dedication to research, development and leading-edge manufacturing.


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