Directed Self Assembly

Directed Self Assembly (DSA) is a patterning technology that could allow the semiconductor manufacturing company to create cheaper, condensed integrated circuits. In today’s industry, this is necessary because some of the higher quality chips require holes that are placed a mere 60 nanometers apart. With DSA, molecules have the ability to form organized, tightly packed circles on a nanometer scale. For this reason, many industry experts believe that DSA is an effective solution that can be further explored and developed for transistors in memory and logic circuits.

DSA has become well known by semiconductor companies, which are currently producing semiconductor devices using lithography, an industry standard. These highly respected global companies are seriously considering the use of DSA in semiconductor manufacturing company procedures, and have designated nano-imprint development tasks to their research and development departments.

The departments in each semiconductor manufacturing company are testing a variety of components essential to nano-imprint development, such as fab tools, flows and design. Through their work, two main DSA methods have been developed:

  • Graphoepitaxy. With this method, a guide is developed using lithography, and is then double spin-coated with copolymers, which allows for the guide to be etched.
  • Chemical Epitaxy. Like with graphoepitaxy, a guide is developed using lithography. The lithography determines specific chemical patterns that are then placed over the guide pattern.

Using these methods, semiconductor manufacturers have been able to develop chips with holes patterned 28 nanometers apart, which has been a huge step for each semiconductor manufacturing company that has been applying resources to nano-imprint development. Before DSA will be integrated into production, however, the nanometers will need to reach an even smaller count. Companies are in the mid to late stages of nano-imprint development, so experts strongly predict that DSA will achieve this sometime in the near future.

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