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Preferred Quality Supplier Award: Press Release

A Novel Design of Temporary Bond Debond Adhesive Technology for Wafer-Level Assembly

Integrating Ultra-Thin Si Dies Within A Flexible Label

For Solar and PV Applications, Shin-Etsu Chemical Introduces New Materials for Both Cell Processing and Installation Modules

For Semiconductor Wafer Bonding and Through-Silicon Via Applications, Shin-Etsu MicroSi Introduces New Dry Film Dielectric Photoresist

Adhesive wafer bonding using photosensitive polymer layers

For Semiconductor Advanced Packaging Bump Processing, Shin-Etsu Chemical Has Introduced Ultra Thick Photoresist – SIPR-7126

Shin-Etsu Introduces Novel Photoresists for Plating and Dielectric Films for Bump Processing and Thick Resist Applications

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 5, 2006–Shin-Etsu announced the development and release of two new photoresist materials for dielectric films and thick plating bump applications.


New Photoresists 16KB

A Novel Photosensitive Material for Redistribution and Stress Buffer Reduction on 300mm Wafers

SINR demonstrates the mechanical and electrical properties need for both a stress buffer application and redistribution application.

Novel Photosensitive Material 335KB

Characterization of 100 Micron Thick Positive Photoresist on 300 mm Wafers

This study developed a process for a single coat, positive tone, 100m photoresist for bump processing on 300 mm wafers.

SPIE 2005 Paper 328KB

Altera selects Shin-Etsu Chemical’s thermal Interface Material

Altera Corporation has selected Shin-Etsu’s thermally conductive interface gel material in the packaging of its high-end Stratix II FPGA family. Shin-Etsu’s material exhibits excellent thermal characteristics, and its low modulus helps absorb stress between the integrated heat spreader in the package and pressure sensitive-low-k dielectric material in the silicon.

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Shin-Etsu MicroSi awarded AMD’s prestigious Pathfinder Award

Shin-Etsu MicroSi awarded AMD’s prestigious Pathfinder Award AMD awarded its Pathfinder Award for Best Supplier to Shin-Etsu MicroSi and three other companies. Shin-Etsu MicroSi received the award for exceptional technology support and commitment for developing Thermal Interface Materials for microprocessors.

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CEM Temperature and Shelf life Requirements

Shin-Etsu MicroSi completed temperature and shelf-life testing on our CEM product line. This extensive evaluation allowed us to double some of the CEM shelf-life dates.


CEM Temperature and Shelf Life Requirements 32KB

Characterization of an Ultra-Thick Positive Photoresist for Electroplating Applications

This study shows that Shin-Etsu SIPR 7120M photoresist has well balanced lithographic properties, allowing it to be coated and exposed at 100µm thick with a single coat process. SIPR7120M is a positive acting; acid catalyzed based material that can be easily processed.


SPIE Triquint Paper 1MB

Contrast Enhancement Materials for Thick Photoresist Applications

This study examines the feasibility of processing moderate and high contrast positive photoresists at 40µm thickness with a top of CEM. The use of CEM dramatically improves the lithographic performance for both Shin-Etsu 9740 and Clariant AZ P4620.

CEM Paper 2.5MB

Characterization of a Novel Photoresist Redistribution Material for Advanced Packaging Applications

This study details the feasibility of processing SINR 3170M photoresist on an Ultratech Saturn Spectrum 3 stepper for a redistribution level. SINR 3170M is a negative acting, acid catalyzed, siloxane based material that can be easily processed.

Ultratech Paper 1.8MB

Contrast Enhancement Materials for Yield Improvement in Submicron I-line Lithography

By implementing CEM 365iS with the existing resist process, we were able to improve the DOF by about 0.7µm with sufficient exposure latitude.

CEM I-line 301KB