Emerging Trends in MEMS Packaging

The MEMS packaging industry is growing at an extreme rate with technologies becoming increasingly important to semiconductor manufacturing suppliers and businesses. While the semiconductor manufacturing industry usually employs MEMS for use on silicon wafers, these technologies are versatile in that they can be used on a number of other substrates, such as quartz wafers. In addition to the ability to use them on various substrates, MEMS devices are also popular with semiconductor suppliers because of their small size, which allows those in the industry to place tens of thousands of them onto one wafer.

While MEMS packaging is used heavily by semiconductor suppliers and businesses, the devices are also used by numerous other industries on a range of devices, such as sensors and micro-switches. In the future, technologies will advance even further. A wider variety of surfaces will be able to successfully use MEMS devices and MEMS devices themselves will advance as well, allowing industries to vastly improve processes and products.

The following are a few of the major MEMS trends that industries across the board can expect to see in the near future:

  • CMOS-Compatible Fabrication. This fabrication technology will be used for monolithic integration, such as wafer bonding for quartz wafers, silicon wafers and more under low temperatures.
  • Die Stacking. Metal based silicon interposers will be used to connect two die in a stacked die in a vertical direction for a number of applications. One way that this technology will be used specifically is in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Semiconductor supplier packing departments will use die stacking to create silicon packages that require less assembly, creating lower unit cost when produced in large volumes.
  • Integrated LCR Passives. Using 3D integration, the various components of LCR will be inserted into the package directly, reducing external passives. Integrated LCR passives will also allow for smaller footprint applications, wafer bonding and vertical intra-package interposers.

MEMS are the devices of the present and future, so it is essential that industries stay on top of the latest trends to ensure that their operations and products are up-to-date.

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