Financial Analysts Build Faith

The chief financial officers at companies in the disk drive and solid state disk drive industries have faith that their companies will perform well, and want to send this message to investors. In order to do so, they have reached out to financial analysts, providing them with financial performance data, updates on new products that are in the planning process and their views on the marketplace.

Financial analysts have found that the disk drive and solid state disk drive industries are financially viable for the following reasons:

  • Semiconductor Supplier, Semiconductor SiliconeThe volume of hard disk drive capacity shipped is projected to grow from 450EBs to 6ZBs by 2020, which is an annually compounded growth rate of 40 percent.
  • The volume of Flash is projected to grow from 45EBs to 450EBs by 2020, with an estimated 72EBs ready to ship into solid state disk drives by 2017.
  • In the future, the hard disk drive industry will increasingly start offering systems in cloud. In this market, disk drives will become greater than 50 percent of the total costs of the system, creating a major opportunity for semiconductor suppliers and other businesses in the industry. As an example, Microsoft expects to have 80 million drives deployed in its cloud within the next five years.

For the reasons listed above, financial analysts have as much faith in the disk drive industry as the chief financial officers do in each of their respective companies.

As a semiconductor supplier, Shin-Etsu MicroSi also has full faith in the performance of the disk drive and solid state disk drive industries. As such, we act as a semiconductor supplier to a number of highly satisfied disk drive manufacturers. Our quality, technologically advanced product list includes wafers and substrates, thermal gels, silicones and a variety of other semiconductor materials necessary for producing the best possible disk drive products. To learn more about semiconductor silicones or any other products or services that can help your business, call Shin-Etsu MicroSi, a highly knowledgeable, reputable semiconductor supplier, at (480) 893-8898 or contact us online.

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