Global Market for Processors Finish Strong in 2013

Due to a significant increase in chip shipments for such devices as smartphones, tablets and servers, the global market for processors has experienced a very strong year. By the end of 2013, the semiconductor industry has projected that processor shipments will have increased each quarter when compared to each quarter of the year 2012. Overall, the number of processor shipments is expected to reach an astounding total of 1.5 billion units, up 24 percent from last year. Processors that are included in this count are those of the more traditional category, such as PC and server processors, as well as those in the mobile category, such as smartphone and tablet processors.

While processors from both categories are counted in the total number of units shipped, traditional processors make up a very small percentage of this number. The shipment of semiconductor devices for PCs has declined every quarter as compared to 2012, which is no surprise to the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor suppliers are well aware of the weak sales PCs have had in recent years since the introduction of popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This year specifically, PC processor shipments for notebooks decreased 2 percent while desktops decreased 13 percent. While PC processor shipments have declined, the traditional processor category didn’t experience a loss entirely; the semiconductor industry has actually seen a steady increase in the shipment of server processors every quarter this year.

The main contributor to growth in the global market for processors, however, can be attributed to popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Processor shipment to smartphones this year was up 38 percent at 204.2 million with processor shipment to tablets up 40 percent at 53.5 million. There is healthy competition among tablet and smartphone brands for processors as performance of the processor is a major feature of each brand’s product. Additionally, mobile devices include both standalone application processors and System-on-Chips, which combine baseband and application processors. For these reasons, the demand for semiconductor devices is high.

As we head into the year 2014, the semiconductor industry is forecasting continued growth in the global market for processors. At Shin-Etsu MicroSi, a world renowned semiconductor supplier, we are ready to help our customers to meet consumer and business demand, offering only the highest quality semiconductor devices and materials. To learn more about our services and semiconductor devices, call Shin-Etsu MicroSi at (480) 893-8898 or contact us online.

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