GMZ CASE Hires New VP of Sales

Recently, GMZ announced that they were installing a new vice president of sales for their CASE markets. Rocky Prior was hired to take over the position and will bring both experience and enthusiasm. CASE includes their adhesives and sealants, cast polymers and composites, coatings, packaging and printing, plastics, paper, textiles, rubber, energy, and civil engineering.

Rocky Prior

Rocky Prior has worked in technical and manufacturing business management and sales for over 25 years. He has worked for companies like Ace Hardware, UCAR Emulsion Systems, ICI Paints, and Tru-Test Manufacturing. He comes directly from a position at Air Products where he served as Americas Sales Manager. His selection by GMZ is not a complete surprise, as he is respected in the field and known for his experience and successes. As Co-Founder and President of Southern Diversified Products he developed and marketed their non-toxic paint line Mythic Paint and American Pride.

GMZ President Tom Wells said in a statement that “Rocky will be working closely with me to develop new business opportunities, and in creating customized solutions to meet our customer needs.” Clearly the partnership is mutually beneficial and exciting.

GMZ Moves Forward

Prior’s position as VP of sales is important for GMZ as they strive for additional growth and performance. He will be a leader for the technical sales team but he will also interface with suppliers and clearly will play a role in customer satisfaction from both the production side and the sales side. His history of strong leadership and innovation suggests that he will be given a long lead in order to make significant strides forward and encourage growth and product saturation across the market.

As one of the largest and most successful distributors of paints and adhesives in the United States, GMZ, part of KODA Distribution Group, covers the entire mid—west and Ohio Valley regions of the country. They promise “technical assistance and market intelligence”, demonstrating that they know they are responsible for more than just selling paint to their suppliers and customers. Customer support is a major priority, which means their VP of sales needs to be both savvy and sensitive to the driving forces of the market.

With the move of Rocky Prior into GMZ CASE, yet another giant is shifting into their fold. Their enthusiasm and the potential for growth are certainly the most promising factors in this new relationship.