Gold Doped Graphene

UV LEDs used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry are undergoing huge changes. A short time ago, scientists used monolayer graphene for transparent conduction in nitride semiconductor manufacturing UV LEDs. Graphene on its own, however, suffered from high sheet resistance. To try to counter this, scientists added indium tin oxide to the graphene, but it lost its transparency as it entered UV wavelengths.

Most recently, graphene for UV LEDs has been vastly improved upon. Scientists have taken nanoparticle gold doped graphene for transparent conduction in nitrides and current spreading electrode (TCSE) for UV LEDs. The gold doped graphene proved to be advantageous in its lower sheet resistance of 90Ω/square as compared to 500Ω/square for undoped graphene. Scientists also saw an improvement in performance abilities, including electrical and light performance. As compared to indium tin oxide LEDs, gold doped graphene had 20 percent higher emissions.

While gold doping does seem to offer benefits to UV LEDs used in semiconductor manufacturing and other industries, it was observed that the gold had a small effect on optical transmittance due to the nanoparticle scattering effect on the light. When on a wavelength of 380 nm, it was found that the optical transmittance of undoped graphene was 92% while gold doped graphene was 88.5%. Scientists observed that this deterioration was a very small percentage difference of 3.5%. They reasoned that even with this flaw, gold doped graphene offers significant advantages as compared to other forms of graphene.

With the addition of gold to graphene, UV LEDs can potentially be used in a much wider variety of applications, including nano-imprint technologies and other semiconductor manufacturing processes. If you are interested in graphene or other materials for your business in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, Shin-Etsu MicroSi would be more than happy to help. With a wide variety of high quality semiconductor manufacturing products, we are sure to have the supplies you need to create more efficient and effective processes. To learn more, please call Shin-Etsu MicroSi at (480) 893-8898 or contact us online.