Growth in the Mobile Packaging Market

Mobile products have long been packaged used Package-on-Package (PoP) technology, which consists of flip-chip interconnects with ball grid array balls located near the bottom. This technology is similar to other 2D technologies in that it stacks separate packages on top of each other, with memory often on the top, and application processors or baseband dies on the bottom.

With the new generation of smartphones and other mobile products, manufacturers are looking to increase the number of chip functions while decreasing the size of the integrated circuit packages. This means that PoP technology must also evolve, becoming smaller and thinner while still providing a high level of performance.

Currently, there are a number of vendors developing promising packaging technologies that will displace the PoP technology used today. These new technologies include the following:

  • Bond Via Array
  • Embedded Package-on-Package
  • High Bandwidth Package-on-Package
  • Multi-Chip Modules
  • Through Mold Via
  • Fan-In
  • Fan-Out
  • Wide I/O-2

To determine the best packaging solution for future mobile products, the industry will have to thoroughly evaluate important factors, which include application type, level of performance and cost. For mobile products in the near future, evolved PoP technologies, such as fan-out wafer-level packaging, seem to be the best solution. However, further down the road when prices fall and technology improves, it is expected that 3D integrated circuits will take over.

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