IBM Prove Phase Change Memory Is Science Fact

IBM Prove Phase Change Memory Is Science Fact – Just in Time for the Next Data Boom?

IBM’s announcement at the 2016 OpenPOWER Summit shared that phase-change memory (PCM) is now a technology that has the “desirable attributes of a universal memory technology”. IBM’s researchers have found a new and more efficient way to utilize PCM. While PCM is not a new technological breakthrough, the advancement made could make it the future direction for super fast speeds in mobile technology. PCM has the capability of being significantly faster than its RAM counterparts, can store large quantities of data and has endurance-lasting longer with a greater number of cycles.

How PCM works

Phase-change memory is a non-violate solid state memory technology that researchers have found to be able to store large quantity of data. PCM is created by using an electric current to change the cells from amorphous to crystalline structure. The development was found when researchers stimulated the structure with high heat and found that the crystals shifted. With time and tracking the cells, data was able to be read on the crystals long afterwards. 3 bits per cell were capable of being read which is a significant leap from previous iterations of this technology. While this is new and potentially expensive technology it has the capability of changing this industry.

Phase-change memory may revolutionize mobile technology with faster and larger storage abilities. PCM’s unique properties and the new tech developed by IBM and other researchers have led to advancements in the engineering of this technology. We are living in an age where science and it’s applications can change the access and storage of large quantities of data. This will be applied to all different areas including mobile devices, organizations that store vast quantities of online data and possibly even desktop computers.

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