Industry Sustainability Efforts Grow

Many semiconductor experts and businesses look forward to the day when 7nm and 5nm technologies are released for use in the semiconductor industry. To accompany these new technologies, new materials, such as III-Vs, will also be introduced.

While the new technologies will help greatly in improving industry operations, it is important to note that there are some potential downfalls. Research indicates that the new materials used alongside 7nm and 5nm technologies could have negative impacts on a variety of areas, including health, safety and the environment.

The following are two concerns most noted by big semiconductor industry players in regards to III-V materials:

  • Toxicity. When III-V is used in production, there is a much higher level of arsenic introduced to the operation, which can be dangerous. It is of particular concern in such tasks as wastewater treatment and toxic gas detection control and abatement.
  • Outgassing. During processing, chemicals used in III-V could potentially produce a significant amount of arsine and phosphine, which then leads to a higher risk of outgassing. Outgassing as well as the amount of gas released could have significant impacts on both the environment and safety.

While there are risks with the use of III-V, such as those listed above, there is nothing that industry experts believe to be overly troublesome. They firmly believe that solutions for such problems can be devised, so as to create a technology that is both sustainable and highly effective.

Currently, semiconductor industry researchers are looking at a variety of chemistries for use in III-V flow, identifying the ones that have low production rates of arsine and phosphine, so as to minimize the risk of outgassing. In addition to these efforts, the semiconductor industry is also focusing on minimizing as much as possible the increases in energy, water and process chemical consumption that come with newer technologies, such as 3D chips, tools and fabs. In the future, the semiconductor industry hopes that sustainability will become a top priority from the very beginning when new chemicals and processes are first being assessed.

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