Intel announces US $250 Million investment for autonomous driving

Brian, Krzanich, Intel CEO, in his speech during the auto show in LA on 15th November, confirmed that his company would channel $250 million towards the development of autonomous cars. The decision to inject this sum of money is a clear indication that Intel is serious and looking to play a significant role in the automobiles industry. That, however, is not to say that Intel is about to open a car manufacturing plant, but is primarily interested in the technology that the machine will use.

Intel’s statement

Intel issued a statement saying how this venture will help in pushing the boundaries of next generation communication, connectivity, deep learning, context awareness, safety, security and much more.  This is simply to say that the computer chip manufacturer is fundamentally interested in being the processor of the data which the auto car will require for the powering of the auto car manufactured by plants like BMW. Previously, the German car manufacturer was on record talking about a partnership with Intel and Mobileye to build fully autonomous cars by the year 2021. Mobileye is the Israeli manufacturer of driver assistance sensors and systems supplying a significant percentage of the automotive industry.

Forms of partial automation offered by Intel

In regards to Intel’s news on November 15th, ‘fully’ is the keyword. Various types of partial automation are currently provided by production vehicles. They include lane assistant and dynamic cruise control as well as more advanced systems including GM’s super cruise and Tesla’s autopilot. However, an entirely self-driven car, one that is like the Google car, is a whole another level of complexity and capability. The technology used here is, to say the least, above the roof. Here you only summon your machine, get inside, and it takes you whichever place you want to go without the need for your intervention.

Intel, though, is not the only company that has looked into joining the self-driving cars bandwagon. Virtually all car manufacturers and take firms are also working day and night on the technology. Among other car manufacturing working on the self-driving car concept, is Baidu, the Chinese search engine, and Nvidia, the GPU manufacturer.

The federal department of transportation says it aims to spend $4 billion over a period of 10 years to test this technology.


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