Intel sees next phase focusing on the cloud and 5g connectivity

Improving wireless infrastructure remains a desired need worldwide. With this, 5G connectivity is already being researched and designed with long term plans across the world to implement. Countries that will be hosting the Olympics are working hard to ensure 5G connectivity is a go in the next few years. 5G is going to be quite different than its previous interactions with a focus on efficient wireless connectivity as well as computing abilities.

Intel reports that it’s new 5G Mobile Trial Platform will:

  • Provide flexibility and processing power
  • Uses a systems level approach
  • For use in both wireless access points and devices
  • Have system portability
  • Will provide an understanding of what users can do
  • Flexible platform architecture

5G technology is the essential component to new and developing technology, in particular, utilizing the cloud. Intel’s CEO Brain Krzanich explains that the cloud is the most important trend and Intel’s future. The Internet of Things is more valuable because of their access to the cloud. Providing this connection with effective computing power, makes the devices in a better position to learn and grow. Intel plans to focus on “the cloud, the data center, the Internet of Things, memory and FPGA’s all bound together by connectivity and enhanced by the economics of Moore’s Law”.

Intel has is many ways left the mobile SoC business and is focusing on other areas in the industry. This organization has high hopes for it’s efforts and success in the developing 5G market. Intel plans to be faster and smarter than it’s competitors and be at the frontline of connecting 5G to the cloud.

While 5G is still several years away, the current technology that is connected to the Internet of Things and the cloud are already in a position to utilize faster and smarter connectivity speeds. 5G connectivity with the cloud certainly appears a real possibility.

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