Intel sees next phase focusing on the cloud and 5g connectivity

Intel’s vision of the cloud and 5G connectivity expands far further than tablets, phones and computers. Since the Internet of Things is now connecting everything from home security cameras and wearables all the way to dog collars and door locks, everything needs a connection. This connection needs to be consistent, lightning quick and highly durable across unpredictable conditions. The right materials are crucial for building this new paradigm.

Production Side

On the production side, stacked dies are crucial for precision cutting and attachment. With interposers ideal for low K applications and impermeably durable down to 100mm thickness, the production side is enriched when silicone is used effectively. Further, superior thermal interface packaging is essential for allowing materials to withstand the heat of production processes without sustaining damage prior to shipment. This can keep operating costs down and customer satisfaction higher.

Consumer Side

LED encapsulants and nanoimprint templates are crucial on the consumer side. From a consumer’s perspective, cracked screens and semi-visible lighting are unacceptable on high-end devices. Anyone looking to stay competitive in the current market needs to ensure the durability of every aspect of their consumer goods, especially aspects such as read-only monitors and LED lighting.

Enterprise Side

The use of quartz in monitoring equipment allows for heat tolerance of up to 1,000 degrees C, as well as extremely high light permeability and nearly no thermal expansion. From both a safety and end-user durability perspective, Shin Etsu Micro Si products push product quality to its peak.

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