IoT Outlook for 2018

Computers are projected to comprise the biggest market share of thermal interface material applications. In 2018, computing refers not only to PCs, but to the entire range of products that use computer processing. The Internet of Things continues to rank high as an industry buzzword for good reason.  

IoT in 2018 By the Numbers 

  • Predicted global spending of $772.5 billion, a nearly 15% increase from last year’s spending. 
  • Spending is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2020, assuming a 14.4% cumulative annual growth rate. 

Trends Driving IoT Research and Development 2018 

  • Artificial intelligence, especially applied to conversational interfaces 
  • Module and sensor hardware, followed by software, services and connectivity 
  • Edge processing for Industrial IoT, including automotive, agricultural, natural resources, health care, etc. 
  • Consumer spending on home automation and smart appliances 
  • Built-in security and security software for IoT devices 

Many of these trends began in the period of 2015-2017. For consumers, IoT represents a new level of automation that makes life more convenient, a sort of technological revolution we haven’t seen since the automatic washing machines of the 1950s. Widespread adoption of smart technology proves that consumers are ready for an IoT-driven world, despite lingering security concerns and gaps in network coverage. Industrial IoT drives even more market growth than consumer demand as 2018 will see industry leaders working to close those gaps. Meanwhile, industries that have begun to implement IoT into their daily operations are beginning to see significant returns on investment.  

The past few years have shown us how IoT is capable of transforming our world, and 2018 ushers in more focused efforts on applying those transformations. As always, Shin-Etsu MicroSi delivers solutions-based materials for manufacturing and research related to IoT.  We specialize in packaging, lithography, wafers and substrates, resins, thermal grease, adhesives and more. 

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