Is Manufacturing by Human Hands Seeing The Final Days?

Manufacturing has historically been a human operated industry with a shift to human/machine industry with mass production and the evolution of technology. As computer and machine technology has improved with continued innovation, human interactions are less and less necessary. For instance, 3D printing and automated vehicles require limited human communication and input to effectively run. This type of technology is likely to continue in advancement with humans being unnecessary in the active work of running a machine.

Symbiosis with Machines

While this simple human interaction to run a machine may be limited, the work of manufacturing and the development of technology will continue to need to be completed alongside machines. The shape of human interactions with machines has changed but remains a necessary, almost symbiotic connection in order to sustain manufacturing.

Human Interactions

There is a belief that technology will lead to computerized machines becoming intelligent and malicious or that robots will take manufacturing jobs leaving those with jobs in this field, unemployed. Anthropomorphizing computers and technology is at odds with the reality of  manufacturing. Human hands continue to be an important and necessary component alongside the advancements in many manufacturing industries. Human interactions during manufacturing will shift. It is likely that the human hand part of manufacturing will include:

  • The design and prototype of the item to be manufactured
  • The creation of components of the machines
  • Training, repairing and caring for the machines
  • The business side of the work remains 100% human

There continues to be other areas of creation and manufacturing that remain human and this can be seen in smaller size productions, areas such as artistic design and items that people seek out as “handmade” and desireable due to the painstaking effort in the item’s creation. Manufacturing will shift as technology will continue to grow at an amazing speed. Symbiosis with machines will sustain human interactions in manufacturing.

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