Is Moore’s Law Still Important

Moore’s Law is the model that has driven the semiconductor industry for decades.  While it has worked tremendously throughout time, doubling the power of circuits approximately every two years, many companies specializing in semiconductors in Phoenix and other areas are now anticipating its demise.

Industry experts believe that Moore’s Law will come to an end for one or both of the following reasons:

  • Technical. Companies specializing in semiconductors in Phoenix and other locations throughout the world believe that it is impossible to continue doubling the number of transistors in an integrated circuit forever. They believe that this model has just about reached its peak, and is no longer applicable to the workings of the industry.
  • Financial. Companies specializing in semiconductors in Phoenix and other areas have also pointed a finger at finances. Many believe that there is not enough volume for 7nm and below, meaning that it is unlikely to provide a good return on investment.

Even with the above predictions, most semiconductor industry experts believe that the industry will still thrive. One of the major reasons that experts believe in the success of the semiconductor industry is the growth in mobile applications, which have created a brand new opportunity for semiconductor businesses. As such, it is extremely important that businesses in the industry rise to the occasion, adapting and constantly striving for innovation.

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