Localized Cooling for Data Centers

Each year, the semiconductor manufacturing industry experiences rapid technological advancements. The components of various systems and devices become smaller and smaller while simultaneously increasing their functionality. While these advancements improve processes across a wide variety of industries, there is a considerable problem that must be tackled: heat.

The density of the various materials and components in the industry today creates very large amounts of heat, which can lead to malfunctions. Over the past few decades, those in the semiconductor manufacturing industry have been heavily dependent on thermal management devices, such as heatsinks, thermal grease compounds and fans to quickly cool systems, and avoid overheating. While these thermal devices have been updated and improved year after year, the industry is now reaching a point where these devices aren’t working as efficiently due to the major thermal issues presented by today’s technologically advanced electronics.

Many operations in the past have installed larger fans and heatsinks to help cool down devices. Although this is the easiest solution to controlling heat, it is also the most costly. Data centers in the United States spend billions of dollars on energy each year, with as much as 50 percent of the power consumed going toward cooling alone. In order to help reduce some of the cost and create higher efficiency, a localized thermal solution called thermal copper bumps has been introduced.

Copper bumps, which are thin thermal structures embedded inside flip chip interconnects, can easily be integrated with traditional devices, such as thermal grease compounds and fans, to form more effective thermal management systems. Thermal copper bumps used in today’s industry are very small, measuring only 238µm in diameter by 60µm high, but can be scaled to proper size for a large variety of applications. These copper bumps, which can be successfully used in a range of industries, perform like heat pumps, moving heat from one side of a device to another on the front, back or laterally.  To increase backside cooling capabilities, thermal copper bumps can also be embedded directly into a heatsink, creating an active heatsink that disperses the concentration of heat.

Using thermal copper bumps allows businesses in the semiconductor industry to move heat to areas where they can easily dissipate at the lowest possible cost. If you are interested in thermal bumps for your operations, Shin-Etsu MicroSi can help. At Shin-Etsu Phoenix, we offer our customers copper bumps and other high quality supplies, such as thermal paste and thermal gel, which will help to create the most efficient cooling operation possible. To learn more about copper bumps or any of our other products, call Shin-Etsu Phoenix today at (480) 893-8898 or contact us online.

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