Silicone/Acrylic Group Hybrid Resins


Product Features

  • Reduces friction
  • Water resistant
  • Improves wear resistance
  • Prevents surface scratches
  • Protects flooring surfaces and can be used as a wax additive
  • Provides noise reduction reducing vibrations and squeaks

Chaline is a hybrid emulsion which offers the surface activity of silicone resin and the film-forming ability of acrylic resin as well as excellent compatibility with other resins. It has a unique silicone-rich silicone/acrylic composition. Chaline can be added to aqueous resin coating materials as an additive to impart surface activity to resin-molded products, resin films, resin sheets, artificial leather, and metallic materials.

Produced in two forms:

  • Chaline R: A powder formulation that maximizes sliding performance for a wide variety of resins.
  • Chaline E: An emulsion that produces a lubricating water-resistant film which improves resistance to both wear and weather, reducing noise and refines the texture. (Water Based)
  • Compatible with a wide range of synthetic resins
  • Superior long-lasting sliding properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Prevents both blocking and adhesion

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