Nissin OLFINE 

Acetylenic Chemicals


Product Features

OLFINE is an environmentally friendly product designed for waterborne formulas to solve the challenges of wetting, foam and pigment dispersion.

  • Wetting Agent
    • Superior wettability
    • Improves the coatability of waterborne coatings to base materials
    • Low foaming potential
    • Low dynamic surface tension
  • Defoaming Agent
    • Excellent defoamer
    • Instantly dissolves bubbles suspended in a system and on system surfaces
    • Removes surface defects such as pinholes in systems like spray-coats and roll-coats
    • Does not cause low adhesion as seen with silicone defoamers
  • Pigment Dispersing Agent
    • Can be used as a dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments
    • Removes air from pigment surfaces improving the wettability
    • The color development of coating films can be substantially improved

OLFINE is a product adapting the technologies of acetylenic glycol and acetylene alcohol. It is uniquely designed to synchronize the performance of both wetting and defoaming effects in waterborne systems.
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