Manufacturing and the 2017 market

In January 2017, the U.S. manufacturing industry at last began to register a recovery. The semiconductor niche is the hub of the sector’s innovation for obvious reasons, and its future is expected to at last make a drastic departure from Moore’s Law.

The Power of Automation

Computer-integrated manufacturing has become a modern buzzword for excellent reasons. The industry is expected to offer 338 new automation jobs a year for the next decade. Today’s production systems are pushed through complex analytics that give you the performance metrics you need to strive for a higher level of excellence, but variable-shaped-beam technology has, until now, remained sluggish in comparison. Multi-beam technology is steadily being introduced to the market for its precision, smaller parts, and talent with curvilinear features. This should shift electronic design automation into a new, more efficient era.

Product Lifecycles

Today’s manufacturer is constantly looking into the future to find solutions to problems that haven’t even happened yet. Industrial semiconductor companies must deal with shortened product lifecycles and increasing yields. How do you design a production line that’s economical if its relevance is limited to a short time frame? The answer lies in the ‘digital factory’. By running a production line virtually before implementing it, you can bring time to market metrics down by 40%. The world’s top semiconductors are already using the power of big data to test component failures. Systematic design failure data is discovered in advance, and deep analytics are helping EDA manufacturers to increase their profit margins significantly.

Strategic Excellence

The data age has changed the factory floor utterly. No manufacturer needs to use informed guesswork anymore. Every strategy can be thoroughly tested these days. This technology boom is likely to boost an already growing industry, giving manufacturers precisely the conditions they need to enhance their profits.

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