New Debonding Technology from EV Group

Silicone adhesives have been utilized in the semiconductor industry for years. They resist cold and heat, are easily removable, and have dielectric properties. In recent years, new solutions have been sought to improve power efficiency and performance to suit smaller devices. In 2012, lithography equipment supplier, EV Group, released a new debonding material that allowed manufacturers to create slimmer handheld devices. Premier semiconductor materials supplier, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., partnered with EVG to create the innovative debonding process, which was designed for ZoneBOND equipment.

In July 2017, EVG released technology to improve debonding processes for fan-out wafer packaging (FoWF). The new material manages room temperature debonding that incorporates laser and beam shaping optics without applying force or losing stability. As devices diversify and debonding needs evolve, wafer thinning becomes increasingly important. FoWLP is ideal for the market, offering superb design flexibility that’s even being applied in the automotive sector.

Debonding Basics

Handheld devices have complex packaging design requirements, so the semiconductor industry has been giving much of its attention to FoWLP. It’s economical and can manage higher I/O counts. Today, these components can be used in chip first and chip last process flows. The active face’s position related to the carrier require the substrate to be flipped, and reconstituted substrate must be temporarily bonded to a second carrier. This creates unique fabrication needs. Materials must be slim and flexible, but they should also create temporary mechanical stiffening. In other words, fabrications must achieve two opposite effects at different moments.

EVG’s new laser debonding solution was designed for its EVG 850 DB system. Innovations in the semiconductor market are reliant on advances in packaging architecture, and FoWLP is expected to be worth $3 billion in 2022, so EVG’s latest advance is likely to be far-ranging.

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