New Generation of Glass Coatings

Glass is a flexible material that has a lot of excellent properties inherent within. A lot of research is being done in the area of glass coatings, as this material holds a lot of promise for various industrial and commercial applications. New findings in the field are showing just what glass coatings can do!

Glass coatings are popular in applications that require energy efficiency and low substrate temperatures.

In this vein, DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratories has created a superhydrophobic anti-reflective glass coating, which is modeled after a lotus leaf and a moth’s eye. The glass coating repels water and is self-cleaning, as well as anti-reflective. The glass coating is nanostructured, with a surface that is porous, made of a three dimensional network of glass with a high silica content.

This particular glass coating suppresses reflected light so it is ideal for solar panels, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The coating is also resistant to abrasions, and thermally stable, as well as able to block UV light.

The glass coating developed by DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratories is being studied for solar uses, but could work equally well for 2D and 3D packaging material or barrier coatings. When you need barrier coatings or packaging material that is resistant to damage, naturally hydrophobic, and light suppressant, a coating like this could work well for your purposes.

In another exciting development, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab has developed paint made from glass. Unlike traditional pants that give off volatile organic compounds, this paint is environmentally friendly and will not degrade or yellow like paint that uses polymers.

On surfaces, this paint reflects sunlight off of metal surfaces, keeping them cool. The product was developed for naval ships but again, can be used in various applications from commercial to industrial.

There are many reasons why companies and industries would want to keep heat away, and an inorganic, stable paint that can do so is great for packaging and manufacturing.

These are just two examples of the great research being done in the field of glass coatings. As more and more industries and companies look to glass coatings to meet their 2D and 3D packaging needs, barrier coatings, and more, we will see greater research and innovation coming from this field. There is lots to learn about, share, and explore in the area of glass coatings.

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