New LED’s may offer better way to clean water in remote areas

The ever improving technology has enabled researchers to create light-emitting diodes(LEDs) on metal foils which are both lightweight and flexible. These LEDs are being developed to work on water purification and medical equipment sterilization in remote areas. This technology was developed by the Ohio State University, which will be licensing the new technology to industry for further development.

The LED foils are meant to put into use UV lights in water purification. The lightweight materials highly improve their portability with the flexibility aiding in their use. They are designed to shine in the high energy deep end of the UV spectrum.


The UV light has been previously used by the military and other industries for air, water and surface purification and sterilization. The new technology however, has created a large impact since for the longest time the only deep UV light that could be used was from mercury lamps. This however were disadvantageous as mercury lamps are;

  • bulky and heavy making them hard to transport
  • mercury is quite toxic and presents health hazards.
  • electrically inefficient.

The new LEDs technology has created a milestone in the world of nano technology. Formerly, it was impossible to create large scale nano products for commercial use, as they are invisible to the human eye. An individual wire in the new LED foils measures 200 nanometers tall and 20-50 nanometers in diameter. For a more realistic comparison, a single newspaper sheet is about 100 000 nanometers thick.


  • No chemicals are involved.
  • The method does not pollute the environment.
  • Ability to actively break pathogens.
  • The smell and taste of water is not affected.
  • Low operational costs.
  • Low maintenance needed.


As a manufacturer, this new technology will enable you to highly save on costs and maximize on profit, in addition to keeping your company environment friendly.


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