Fiber Optic Isolator

Fiber Optic Isolators:

  • Verdet constant is double that of TGG’s
  • Realizing compact package with various fibers

Fiber-optic Isolators


Fiber-optic Isolators

Specifications / PNIL-XX-10-25102-XXXIL-XX-20-25107-XXX
Center wavelength1000 - 1100nm
Power Handling10W*20W*
Fiber typeSMF, PMF, LMA, Others
Type of IsolatorPI, PD
Insertion Loss
(0 - 50° C)
1.0dB max. 0.8dB max.
0.8dB max.
(1.2dB max)(1.0dB max.)
(0 - 50° C)
30dB min.
(20dB min.)
PER20dB min.
Return Loss45dB min.
Operating Temp.0 - 50° C
Storage Temp.-20 - 70° C
* : Package type of H** : Package type if I