Fiber to Free-space Isolators


  • Excellent high power beam quality


fiber to freespace spec


Specifications / PNPT-1064-30-3822822-XXX
Center Wavelength1064nm *
Power Handling30W *
Reverse Power Handling5W
Peak Power30kW
Fiber typeSMF, LMA, Others
Output beam diameter5.0±1.0mm (1/e2)
7.5±1.5mm (1/e2)
Beam divergence0.5mrad max.
Ellipticity0.90 min
Insertion Loss (0 - 50deg. C)0.4dB max. (0.5dB max.)
Isolation (0 - 50deg. C)30dB min. (20dB min.)
Return Loss50dB min.
Operating Temp.0 - 50 deg. C
Storage Temp.-10 - 70 deg. C

fiber to freespace chart