Outstanding in the Field: CES 2015

Since its inception in 1967, the International Consumer Electronics Show has been a place where new technologies make their debut, and where makers and sellers of electronics show up by the thousands in a kind of mind-blowing show and tell.

But while the annual show in Las Vegas is certainly entertaining, living up to its name as a show, it is also attracts and brings together the world’s business leaders, and pioneering innovators. It creates a kind of forum for the consumer electronics industry. Among the many innovations on display, from the practical to the gimmicky, are always the few that stand out as those that combine good design, consumer compatibility, and the ability to fill a niche not yet filled. These few often define the market for the following year.

This year’s 2015 CES was no exception to the rule, and some of the year’s most promisingnew technologies were represented in full force. Today’s CES looks more like science fiction come to life: drones, robots, digital home gear, 3D cameras, and self-driving cars were all on display. Here are a few of the highlights:

LG G flex 2 is a flex phone which has improved upon last year’s model by shrinking the screen to 5.5 inches and making it brighter and sharper, and giving it Qualcomm’s blazing Snapdragon 810 chip.

Best smartwatch: Lenovo Vibe Band VB10. There were fewer smart watches on the floor but many activity trackers. This one boasts a battery life of 1 week, and the ability to track many functions like steps and calories to the quality of your sleep, and it does it all for an affordable $89.

TempTraq is a simple but effective health care gadget. It tracks a child’s temperature with a Bluetooth-connected sensor under the arm. This allows for real-time, remote health monitoring and has the advantage of tracking current temperature while showing a temperature record history.

Best Android Tablet: Dells Venue 8 7000’s solid construction made it stand out from the other Android tablet’s on display. It’s even thinner than the Apple iPad 2.

Best Desktop PC: HP Sprout. This immersive workstation is what all-in-one computing should be. It is a combination projector, and scanner, plus 3D imaging cameras.

The best HDTV was, according to some, the LG 55EF9500 for its impressive picture and cutting-edge panel technology.

Finally, home theatre gear—the Sling TV—which promises to be the cord cutting option to home entertainment that millennials have been looking for.

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