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The Shin-Etsu Group, utilizing resources from multiple divisions, offers an extensive product line of traditional packaging materials and materials for advanced packaging; including 2.5D and 3D. Shin-Etsu MicroSi is the leader in Thermal Interface Material, and we have developed an extensive line of Molding Compounds, Encapsulents, Silicon and Epoxy coatings along with die Attachment Materials.

The quality of our thermal interface material is among the most advanced in semiconductor manufacturing and has a wide range of use in thermal interface material applications. Some of which include thermal gels and grease, phase change materials, and high hardness silicone rubber pads. Shin-Etsu’s line of 2.5D and 3D packaging material Shin-Etsu provides is delivered globally to many major and minor companies involved in the fabrication process of electronics and microelectronics.

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Semiconductor Packaging Products:

Molding Compounds

Shin-Etsu is a leader in developing advanced, semiconductor packaging materials for encapsulating all types of semiconductor devices. This broad line of products is made of silicone molding compounds and epoxy molding compounds that offer low stress, very low warpage, and high thermal conductivity.

Encapsulants & Underfills

Our ionic, high purity, electronic grade silicone encapsulant is made with encapsulant material and resins used to protect semiconductor elements and electronics parts both magnetically and mechanically. Shin-Etsu MicroSi offers a full line of Junction Coating Resins. These high purity silicone-based polymers provide outstanding electrical, mechanical and thermal stability and excellent adhesive strength for junction coating applications

LED Encapsulant Material

Shin-Etsu Chemical Company is the preeminent supplier of high purity silicones to the semiconductor industry and a leader in silicone LED packaging solutions. High purity silicones have been selected to create LED encapsulants because of their high reliability under qualification stresses. Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s LED encapsulant products are non-yellowing, crack resistant, and optically clear even after exposure to harsh conditions.

Advanced Packaging Materials

Shin-Etsu manufactures a broad range of photoimageable dielectric materials for advanced packaging applications, wafer-level packaging, and 3D integration. These include photosensitive dielectric materials for redistribution wiring (RDL) and stress buffer applications, TSV filling, and permanent wafer bonding. Also, dielectric materials for D2D (die-to-die) and D2W (die-to-wafer) bonding, as well as wafer-level overmolding, temporary bonding materials that enable wafer thinning, and photoresists for copper pillar plating and other micro-interconnects.


Silicone interposers are an excellent way to isolate silicon layers and provide spacing for stacked dies applications. The benefits of interposers can be realized while using standard manufacturing equipment, such as die sawing and bonding machines. Therefore, capital expenditures are kept to a minimum when using interposers as part of an efficient manufacturing process. The basic structure of the silicone interposer includes a blank wafer coated with a thin layer of polymer adhesive on each side. Unique polyamide hybrid and silicone formulations of polymer adhesive are available. Shin-Etsu’s low stress, high adhesion technology allows the interposers to be used in lead free low K applications. Total thickness of the interposers can be a thin as 100mm.


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