LED Encapsulents Material

Shin-Etsu Chemical Company is the preeminent supplier of high purity silicones to the semiconductor industry and a leader in silicone LED packaging solutions. High purity silicones have been selected to create LED encapsulants because of their high reliability under qualification stresses. Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s LED encapsulant products are non-yellowing, crack resistant, and optically clear even after exposure to harsh conditions.

Silicone LED Packaging Solutions for LED Encapsulants:


  • Non-Yellowing Silicone LED Encapsulant for high power LEDs
  • Heat Resistant up to 180°C­
  • Excellent transparency into high frequency ranges
  • Low ionic Impurity
  • Custom refractive index materials up to 1.6

Shin-Etsu MicroSi is the total solution provider for LED Encapsulant materials.

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