Mask Blanks

mask_picPhotomask blanks are the base material of photomasks that are used as the patterning templates of circuit during the semiconductor lithography process. The light-shielding layer is formed on the surface of mask blank whose substrate is synthetic quartz.

Instead of Chromium (Cr) used for conventional light-shielding layer of photomask blanks, Shin-Etsu has developed the new manufacturing processes to use cutting-edge Molybdenum-Silicon Binary (OMOG: Opaque MoSi on Glass) for a light-shielding, mask blank layer. Shin-Etsu has established the mass-production technology of such most advanced photomask blanks with its superior etching characteristics. Shin-Etsu’s mask blank highly evaluated by device makers as an essential material for cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes.

In addition, Shin-Etsu supplies attenuated phase-shift photomask blanks for ArF and KrF, which respond to customers’ needs.


  • We use our own quartz substrates for the mask blanks that are high quality material refined in the synthetic quartz field.
  • Our chemical amplified resist coated on the mask blanks is also developed by our own outstanding technology for semiconductor photoresists.
  • We supply diversification of product lines that combines our own quartz substrates, our own chemical amplified resists, and state of the art layer forming technology.

To obtain information about Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s quartz substrates please contact us at: or (888) 642.7674.

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