Deep UV Photoresists

Shin-Etsu is constantly adding to our Photoresist product line; please open the Deep UV Road Map (PDF 115KB) to examine where we are going.

Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s SAIL–G series provides:

High resolution Performance

  • 110mm hole; 0.7-0.8um DOF @0.68NA & Ann. Ill
  • 120mm hole; 0.3-0.4um DOF @0.68NA & conv. Ill
  • 80mm hole; 0.25um DOF @0.85NA & Ann. Ill G28(Dyed) is optimized for thin film process

Etching Resistant

  • Etching rate: Same as 248 resist
  • After Etch Roughness: Same-Better than 248 resist still smoother with thermal flow

Thermal Flow available

  • 100-90mm hole is achieved, 100mm hole DOF>0.5um @0.68NA

Deep UV 345KB
SAIL-X108 151KB

DUV specialty applications

Shin-Etsu MicroSi offers thick and thin 248nm excimer DUV resist for specialty applications. These deep UV resists are formulated for either super high resolution or very high aspect ratios.


Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s SEPR I032 DUV resist is formulated for high resolution, straight side wall profiles with printing capability of less than 250 nm isolated trenches and semi-dense lines in 4 µm thick film UV photoresist. This UV photoresist is widely used in TFH industries for NiFe and Cu substrates.

SEPR I032 203KB


Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s SEPR I801/I803 DUV resist is formulated for extremely high resolution, with printing capability of less than 65 nm isolated lines and dense lines in 300nm thin film UV photoresist. This UV photoresist is widely utilized in Semiconductor and TFH Reader applications that require the highly complex etch resistance property in the deep UV, dry etching environment.

SEPR I051 CU pdf 251 KB
SEPR I051 Ni Fe pdf 956 KB


SEPR I803 408KB
SEPR I803D vs SEPR-I801 111KB

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