Photomask & Pellicles


Shin-Etsu MicroSi is a top-ranking manufacturer of synthetic photomask quartz substrates used for integrated circuits, synthetic, large photomask quartz substrates used for LCD, and attenuated phase-shift masks for use in Arf and Krf photoresists. For over twenty years, we have offered a stable supply of top quality quartz substrates. Synthetic quartz wafers are now available in sizes up to 300mm diameters meeting a wide range of requirements form our customers. MicroSi’s photolithography division also specializes in producing a variety of OMOG (Opaque MoSi On Glass) photomask blanks made from advanced Molybdenum-Silicon Binary material which provides superior light-shielding protection, along with attenuated phase-shift masks used in the resist process necessary for creating ArF, KrF, and F2 photoresists.

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