Vinyblan – Vinyl Chloride Emulsion

This is a world-first, ground-breaking emulsion that has been developed using the company's unique polymerization technology. Vinyblan is a copolymerized resin consisting of vinyl chloride with acrylic acid ester and vinyl acetate. The product is extensively used and highly rated because it leverages the features of vinyl chloride to provide excellent dispersion of colorant, etc., chromogenic flame resistance.

Printing Material / Ink Binder

Wallpaper Treatment

 Vinyblan leather

Adhesives for Artificial Leather

ink jet

Ink Jet Absorbing Layer

Textile Treatment


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VINYBLAN 700 Series

Application Information
VINYBLAN for PVC Floor Coatings
VINYBLAN for Flame Proofing
VINYBLAN for Absorbing Layer

Features of VINYBLAN

  • Low VOC
  • Superior quality
  • Good adhesion to various substrates like PVC, PET, and
  • Provides excellent resistance properties (water, alcohol,
    scratch, block)
  • Compatible with various solvents and additives
  • Outstanding use as PVC leather lamination
  • Protects against deterioration of adhesive layer
  • Provides water resistance to adhesive layer
  • Adds flame resistance with self-extinguishing properties
  • Adds excellent chromogenic properties to printing surfaces
  • Exceptional pigment dispersion

Properties of VINYBLAN

  • Water-based emulsion
  • Coatings have excellent resistance to plasticizer, alcohol,
    acid and alkalinity
  • Coatings are flame-resistant due to self-extinguishing properties
  • Strong polarity from vinyl chloride resin, and excellent
    chromogenic properties
  • Chemical stability enables excellent miscibility with other
    emulsions, inorganic colorants and plasticizers