Chaline R-170EM



CHALINE is an emulsion coating material of the special modified resin. CHALINE R-170EM provides a unique feeling and function when used to coat various fiber and paper.

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Chaline R-170EM (518.71kB)

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Product Description

Product characteristics

  • Is very water resistant.
  • Improves sliding properties, preventing binding while improving wear resistance.
  • CHALINE forms a hybrid film, as it is highly miscible with both anionic and non-ionic emulsions.
  • Chemically stable and is unaffected by acids and alkalis at normal temperature.

Main Applications

  • Vehicle upholstery materials
  • Synthetic leather for interiors
  • Airtight sealing materials for doors and window sashes
  • Soundproofing materials
  • Coatings
  • Slip agents for ink
  • Scratch and stain resistant agents