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Datasheet: Solbin M5 TDS 5.2016RS

SDS: SOLBIN M5 3.2019

Solbin M5 is a copolymer of vinyl chloride (VC), vinyl acetate (VAc) and dicarbonic acid.

Product Description

Product characteristics

  • Exhibits superior adhesion to various materials, particularly metal surfaces.
  • Soluble in ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Use aromatic hydrocarbons as diluent solvents. Insoluble in alcohol, oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
  • Chemically stable and unaffected by acids and alkalis at normal temperatures.
  • Combines high water resistance with low moisture permeability and low water absorption.
  • Tough, resilient and non-flammable.
  • Solbin M5 is colorless and transparent with a high refraction index, it can be changed into any bright color and produces a highly glossy film.
  • It possesses an excellent ability to resist the effects of weather and aging.
  • As is a thermoplastic, films made from it can be easily heat sealed.


General Properties

Attributes Test Results
Appearance White powder
Solution Appearance “Colorless, Transparent”
Grain Size Passes wholly through 28 mesh sieve
Bulk Density (g/cc) ~ 0.7
Composition (weight % )
VC 85.0 ± 1.5
VAc 14.0± 1.0
Dicarbonic acid 1.0 ± 0.5
Degree of Polymerization 430 ± 40
Molecular Weight Mn 3.2 X 104
Glass Transition Temp. (°C) 65°C
Solution Viscosity (mPa·s)(MIBK/TOL. 20% @25°C) 80± 30


  • Metal Protective Paints—Excellent non-corrosive properties.
  • Metal Container Paints –Its anti-corrosive properties makes it an excellent choice for lining food and beverage containers, including applications for medicines and cosmetics. It produces a tough film that makes it ideal for coating steel and galvanized tin plates that will be fabricated later.
  • Foil Coating –Heat-seal coatings
  • Ship Paints— Exceptionally high anticorrosive properties make it ideal for topcoat as well as wash primer and second coat applications.
  • Cellophane coating—SOLBIN M5 is damp-proof , its film is readily heat sealed, ideal for coating cellophane.
  • Concrete and Plaster Paints— Coating the walls of quays.
  • Adhesives—PVC and blister packages.
  • Plastic coatings—Adds gloss to both coating and gravure printing ink on plastic.

Solbin Printing Ink

Solbin Coating & Paint

Solbin - Adhesive

Note: The values in the table are representative values, not standard values.