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Solbin TA3 is a thermoplastic resin consisting of polyvinyl chloride (VC), polyhydroxyacrylate and polyvinyl acetate (VAc).

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SOLBIN TA3 3.2019 (86.79kB)

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Solbin TA3 TDS 3.2014RS (656.63kB)

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Product Description

Product characteristics

  • Soluble in ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons, but insoluble in alcohol, oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
  • Has superior mechanical properties such as anti-abrasion, flexibility, and non-tackiness.
  • Provides excellent and stable dispersibility to inorganic pigments or magnetic powder in paints and dried layers, even with high packing density.
  • Offers a wide choice of coating formulations due to its compatibility with various resins such as polyurethane, epoxy resins, NBR, isocyanate, etc

General properties

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Product Applications

  • Metal Protective Paints—Due to the excellent non-corrosive properties of Solbin TA3 and the toughness of the film it produces it is ideal for coating steel and galvanized plates that will be fabricated later.
  • Finish coatings –TA3 reacts with organic radicals such as isocyanate to perform cross-linking, producing an extremely tough.
  • Plastic coatings—Adds gloss to both coating and ink for gravure printing on plastic. Creates a better decorative effect.


Solbin Printing Ink

Solbin Coating & Paint

Solbin - Adhesive

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