VINYBLAN V730 Series – Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Vinyblan 730 Series

Product Description

VINYBLAN 730 Series — Vinyl Chloride/Acrylic Aqueous Solution
                    VINYBLAN 730 series is a polymerized vinyl chloride emulsion, based on Nissin’s unique technology, that has been developed without using any emulsifier.
                    Used widely as a binder in water based ink.
  • Exhibits excellent water resistance .
  • Transparent liquid with small particles.
  • Is compatible with various additives and solvents.
  • Produces a very transparent, water/alcohol re-sistant film.
  • Adheres well to plastic, PVC and PET.
  • Water-borne pigmented ink for ink-jet printer(large size sign/display and textile).
  • Water-based flexography/gravure ink binder.
  • Industrial ink-jet printing absorbing layer.
  • PVC wallpaper ink binder.


Recommendations for Highest Performance

  • Add high boiling point solvents (Glycol type) toachieve lower MFT.
  • Add alcohol (such as Methanol or IPA) to shorten the drying time.
  • Add wetting agent (such as Olfine E-1004) to achieve excellent adhesion to PET or PVC films.
  • Add thickening agent to achieve an ideal viscosity range for your usage.
  • General Urethane Associative type thickeners (such asADEKANOL UH-450VF), can be used with Vinyblan