VIOSIL-SQ, SX (TS series)


A growing number of companies are focusing on the development of devices using nano-imprint technologies. These devices include semiconductors, storage devices, optical parts, biochips and various MEMS devices. Shin-Etsu has developed a new line of synthetic quartz substrates for nano-imprint templates based upon our cutting edge production technologies.

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Synthetic Quartz Glass Substrates for Nano-Imprint Templates Datasheet (772.88kB)

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Product Description


  • Transmissivity: High transmissivity to deep UV - ideal for UV nano-imprints.
  • UV-resistance: UV-resistance has been established from extensive use in photomask substrates.
  • Low Thermal Expansion: Synthetic Quartz offers high stability when exposed to temperature variations.
  • High hear-resistance & mechanical strength: Substrates can be used for years, leading to reduced cost.
  • Dimensional accuracy: Shin-Etsu synthetic quartz is manufactured to meet the strictest dimensional requirements.
  • Flatness: Flatness specifications are in sub-micron ranges.
  • Surface: Technologies used in photomask substrates insures no defects and low surface roughness averages.