Packaging FAQ

1.How do I apply Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s Thermal Interface Materials? Silkscreening: (High Production) This is typically accomplished by using some type […]

What package sizes are available?

Shin-Etsu has the capability to package in sizes from quarts to 10 liter NowPacks.

Where are Shin-Etsu Photoresists manufactured?

All Shin-Etsu photoresists are manufactured in Isobe and Noaetsu, Japan. Our adhesion promoters are packaged in Phoenix.

With all of the emphasis on leading edge technology what can I expect for support of my new 8-inch development?

Shin-Etsu remains interested in older technology as a market leader. Viscosities (film thickness) of existing materials can be adjusted to […]

I see that Shin-Etsu offers ArF Immersion photoresists. How can I buy a six-pack?

Shin-Etsu offers ArF photoresists that are compatible with topcoats available from Shin-Etsu and other suppliers, as well as photoresists that […]

How about solvent compatibility?

In general, our materials are compatible with standard semiconductor solvent systems used for pre-wet, edge bead removal (EBR), or bowl […]

My company is discussing advanced packaging including 3D. Does Shin-Etsu offer any products in which we might be interested?

Yes, Shin-Etsu manufactures a wide range of materials for various packaging application levels. Please contact a Sales Representative for details. […]

Which Shin-Etsu resist is best for my application?

A: Are you looking for a photoresist or other photosensitive material, adhesion promoters, or advanced multi-layer materials such as silicon […]

Where can I find MSDSs for chemicals in which I’m interested?

These are controlled documents, so please contact a Sales or Customer Service Representative.

Are Shin-Etsu materials RoHS and Reach compliant?

RoHS and Reach statements are available upon request. Please fill out our webpage information request form.