How do I apply Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s Thermal Interface Materials?

  1. Silkscreening: (High Production) This is typically accomplished by using some type of metal screen(perhaps 100 – 140mesh size) that is affixed to an apparatus. The intended part is then placed under the apparatus and the grease is smeared across the grid. This in turn transfers a grease pillow to the heatsink’s surface.
  2. Pattern Printing: (High to Medium Production) This approach is similar to silkscreening but instead of a screen, it’s a pattern that is cut out of a sheet of metal. The material would be applied the same, by transferring the material thru the holes in the metal to the heatsink.
  3. Syringe Dispensing: (Low Production, Evaluation and Rework) This approach requires the least amount of set up by applying a single dollop, multiple dot pattern, or “X” pattern to ensure uniform coverage. ***The key is to provide a uniform layer of grease and to minimize the amount of air entrapment.***